Preventing Resizing to Decimal Pixels

I love Figma and have enjoyed used it since the very beginning. It has come on leaps and bounds since since its early days.

However, one pain point that continues to frustrate me is the decimal resizing issue, as detailed here almost exactly four years ago -

Despite all the other fantastic enhancements in the platform, it is disappointing that this core issue is still present.

Even in the latest Playground file (produced by your own team) outlining the latest ‘Copy & Paste’ advancements, you can see the problem firsthand, as per the screenshot below.

FAO @Figma & @Figma_Support. Please can I ask that you look at this as a matter of priority. I am sure I am not the only one wasting crucial time, painfully and manually, checking and resizing everything back to integer values.

Thank you.


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I re-used the title of an old post and simply changed the 4 to 5 years. No one replied to @Joe_Pendlebury’s question, so I am raising it again. I’m confused as to why Figma still hasn’t addressed this issue.

I laid out my padding on numerous complex screens only to find later that all of the shapes suddenly changed to decimal pixels (I have no idea how or when it happened). Now, I have to painstakingly check each shape all over again - adding hours of extra work and putting an extremely tight deadline in real jeopardy.

Two questions:

  1. @Figma_Support - Will this issue ever be prioritized and addressed? If not, why?
  2. Has anyone found a workaround for this issue? a) My preferences were already set to ‘Snap to Pixel Grid’ so that doesn’t help. b) Selecting ‘Round to Pixel’ only removes fractions from the coordinates, not the shape itself.

Any help here would be most appreciated.
Many Thanks. :pray:


PS - I’m afraid to adjust my padding all over, simply to have them randomly go back to decimal pixels again.

UH YEA!!! This is really annoying! What is the word from FIGMA on this. Why the radio silence!?


@Kyle_Eberle1 @Kleine_Tricia
Hey guys. I recently encountered a similar scenario.

How i fixed mine is by looking for any object or element in my design that seems to carry a decimal point in its width and height, delete the decimal points off and the spacing and paddings will appear in whole numbers when i checked it again.

Might wanna try it out. works for me

Thanks for your response DesignBro. I’m definitely able to go into each element and delete the decimals but when you’ve created hundreds of screens and didn’t realize one element on in those screens somehow ended up with a decimal it’s a huge time suck to go back and edit each screen.

What I’d like is a setting or an ability to lock or snap sizing of elements to whole numbers and not even allow decimals to be created.


Yes, how can get Figma to respond to this issue. It’s super annoying. If I resize using the scaling of an image it works ok and scales with whole numbers. But as soon as I use the constrain proportions design tools area and type in a specific width or height, it changes the other size to a decimal. Then sometimes when I export that image, it shows up with a thin white line because it’s not rounded to the nearest whole number. So why does the scaling tool work but not the other way if you put a specific height or width in.

My workaround was to uncheck the constrain proportions and resize manually, but that is super slow when you have a lot of images.

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Hey, guys! There’s actually a way. Just go to the Figma Icon, click on “Preferences” and then select “Snap Pixel Grid”. It worked for me :smiley:


I find that after doing this, it continues to happen. :woman_shrugging:


Hi, I have this problem as well and went through yesterday and painstakingly removed all the decimals. When I look at the design today, though, there are instances where the space between elements includes decimals AGAIN. Why am I unable to purge my design of the decimal spacing? Thanks!

Would be great to have an option to round all values in auto-layout. Managing decimals value for layers dimensions and positions is particularly painful to work with both for designers and during development handoff.

I have the same issue. I just started a new design and somehow these decimals snuck in. Now I have to go and check each element.
Sketch has a setting that avoids this. Why can’t FIgma?

Select the Object and Click Preferences-> Snap to Pixel grid. It worked for me :slight_smile:

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One of the worst bugs!! I think some people now think that they can actually design in fractional pixels! So sad and annoying!! Even with all that money, they’re doing dumb shit instead of fixing the core issues or buying out some plugins that fix things like this.

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so, 2023, new figma user, is there a way to turn off non-integer pixels yet?

So, if you have checkmark on Snap to pixel Grid ( Ctrl+Shift+´) all elements starts build without decimal pixels.

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For those referring to “Snap to pixel grid”, that is not the issue, although it is tangentially related. The original post is talking about resizing, which does not yield integers unless you’re resizing to an equal ratio. I also would love a change in that behavior so resizing will automatically round up or down to the whole value (or provide a preference).

Funny enough, auto layout will account for this with its spacing, but the container’s width/height will then be a decimal value, which then affects the x/y position of the next element.

“Snap to pixel grid”, which I always have enabled, lets you place and draw elements on and at whole values.

Hey There’s actually a way. Just go to the Figma Icon, click on “Preferences” and then select “Snap Pixel Grid”. It worked for me.