Presenter Note Functionality in Prototypes

I want to make my prototype presentation effective. I have prepared a script, so I know what to say. I have two screens plugged to my computer.

I tried using plugin Pitchdeck Presentation Studio, so one 1 screen I can see my presented prototype and on another screen my script. Unfortunately, this plugin limit me, and I’m not able to add smart animations/pushes to my prototype.

What is the best way to do it in Figma?
As example of what I mean, attached PowerPoint Notes functionality.9a7ee826-15f3-4422-88df-e3c86ed28e76

Hey @Aneta :wave:t3: — unfortunately, there isn’t any kind of feature or workaround built into Figma that would address what you’re looking for at the moment.

I saw that you also asked about this in this recently closed thread. I’ll move this current topic over to our “Share Feedback” section to make sure we note that you’d like to see additional presentation functionality come to Figma.

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