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Plugin for viewers

I ran into a problem that I could not find in your help. There is a Status Annotation plugin, it is very well for work’s control. I make a design for a client, and he’s could control the process with this plugin. But he’s a manager, not a designer. The client usually acts as a viewer, not an editor. This is done so that he cannot spoil anything in the design. But the viewers doesn’t have access to the plugin. Plugins can only be used by editors.

Could you make plugins available for viewers? It will be so usefull.



Yes, I need use my plugin in view-only mode for my coding needs. It’s not possible, what a shame. :frowning:
Please add this feature. Plugins that don’t modify document at all can easily run in view-only mode.


+999999999999999999999999999 Agree!!!
also developer same!!!


Need export plugins as viewer too. I, as developer need export images in specific format available through plugin, but plugin in not available in View only mode…


Yes, it’s a pity & a headache that us non-editors, cannot even do something as simple as search for text within designs that were shared with us, simply because ‘Find text’ is a plugin & NOT an essential part of the software itself! :expressionless:


I have a plugin that turns spec layer info on and off which is useful for developers who want to see the design with and without it but not possible without access to this plugin :expressionless:

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You can save a local copy of the layout. And then export it to the fig. Then all plugins are available