Playing prototype results in black screen with component (moves away from my main frame), solution?

Creating a landing page with a slider feature (client wants this). My slider functions as it should however, when I place my instance into the design and play the prototype - everything looks fine until I interact witch send me to a black screen just showing the action.

I am no Figma expert and have spent too long to admit searching for any solution to this with no luck. It has never happened to me before.

Screen shot attached of my design, the prototype and what happens when I slide it (it still works when the screen changed to black)

Any help would be amazing!

What type of action is involved in your interaction? Navigate to?
Create an interactive component for your slider with all possible variants, set up interactions using the “Change to” action, and insert an instance of this component into your frame.

Currently “navigate to”, I tried “change to” which resulted in the slider animation not working at all. I’ll try again! Thanks for the reply.