Pasting outside frames

Current behaviour: When I have no frame selected, the item(s) I have copied is pasted inside the frame I copied it from — or pasted into some other random frame.

Expected behaviour: When I have no frame selected, the item(s) I have copied are pasted at the top level, and no inside any other frame.

Note: Not sure how Figma have got this so wrong. I’m currently having to create a new file to paste things into just to avoid this unexpected behaviour. I know it’s been an issue for a while, which makes it more frustrating it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Hi @Jesse_Payne, Thank you for sharing your thoughts about copy and paste. I understand it can be frustrating.

It might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but if you want to avoid pasting an object inside another frame, you can try the “Paste over selection” option when you paste:

  • Mac: ⌘ Command⇧ ShiftV
  • Windows: Control+Shift+V

I’ve tested this on my side, and if you don’t select any frames when pasting, the object will paste as a top object in the Layers panel. You can find more details here:
Copy and paste objects - Paste over selection
I hope this helps! In case I have interpreted something incorrectly or if you have additional thoughts on your idea, please inform us! Also, if anyone from our community has additional insights on this, feel free to jump in.


Did you get any solution for this yet?