Paragraph spacing must work with multiple text styles in the same text box

Paragraph spacing never works! Can someone please help??

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have the same problem

ive found the thing i need in list spacing


You can adjust the top and bottom margins of the text box by using the “Paragraph Spacing” controls in the properties panel.

No you can’t. It doesn’t work. That’s our point.

Hey All,

Sorry for the trouble!

Our team tried to reproduce and the only workaround they found was by removing any bullet points from the text layer, then re-adding them manually with keyboard shortcut (Mac: option + 8 , Windows: ctrl + Shift + L ), pressing space and allowing Figma to automatically add the list style and hitting undo. Then, you should be able to add spacing as normal without it affecting the type settings.

It seems that the error occurs if bullets are in the same text box as other text with text styles applied. So if you remove all text styles in the text box, it should work.

@dvaliao Unfortunately this isn’t a bullet list specific issue. The real issue is that paragraph spacing does not work if multiple Text styles are used in the same text box. This makes the feature somewhat useless, as paragraph spacing is primarily used by designers to separate headers from body text.

Thanks for clarifying, @Dominic!

The team confirmed that this is currently an expected behavior. A limitation of our implementation of text is that you can only set one paragraph style for an entire text node. In other words, you cannot have multiple paragraphs in one text node that each have different spacing.

Because of this, only the “overall” paragraph spacing of the node matters. If you set an override of a paragraph style within a text object, we simply don’t support changing the paragraph spacing at this time.

Given the feedback above, clearly, this is an issue that should be changed in the future. We’ve updated this topic to a feature request, so our team can continue to collect feedback and use Votes to see how it’s affecting the community.

Thanks @dvaliao, from a developers perspective I totally get it. They’re not fans of rich text boxes (multiple styles in one). From a designers perspective it really limits paragraph spacing’s full potential and imo its primary function.


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