Paragraph spacing settings break when mixing styles in single text block

Paragraph spacing breaks if you mix text styles in a single text block.

Ideally this would function in such a way as to take on the paragraph spacing per style instead of assuming everything in a given text block wants to use the same paragraph spacing.

If the paragraph spacing was inherited by selected items, the same way the rest of the text style is, it would make quick single text block styling possible…

Right now you have to create individual text blocks every time the style changes and then merge them with an autolayout, then if you want different spacing you end up with a bunch of embedded autolayouts, which works, but it’s messy.


Fully Agre. It took me a while to understand what’s going on there. It should work like in any other tool.


I was so sure I was doing something wrong (“this couldn’t possibly be Figma!”) and thought it would involve a quick search in the community. Now I just hope this is not too far down the roadmap/fixit list…?

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10,000,000%. Figma is fundamentally broken in this respect.

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Definitely a major issue. I’ve tested it to exhaustion and when using text styles paragraph spacing simply doesn’t work!

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I still have same problem with paragraph spacing…still nothing?

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