Overlays used in prototypes to work on all component instances

As a user, I would like to create components with overlays within my design system library so that every time I use an instance of that component, it is ready to go.

Right now, overlays won’t open when the layer/component triggering the interaction and the overlay layer/component are not on the same page. Personally, this is a huge time waster for me. As a user, I would like to be able to reference overlay components, on any page, on any layer or component, as an interaction trigger source from my library.


Thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this along to the team for consideration. Be sure to also Vote up top, so we can gauge interest from the community.

This is very much needed, we’re struggling to create solid components for large design systems because of this issue.

This issue is repeated in multiple topics, some of which have 1k+ votes and are still not resolved by Figma!


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