Organize Figma Files into Folders

How can I better organize all of my Figma files. Currently, everything I have ever created is just listed in chronological order. I would like to organize in folders. I have read that I can organize in projects but I don’t see how to do that. How do I create projects within a project?

For example, I would like to have a project named “Hospital” where I put all of the designs I do for the hospital. Underneath/inside hospital, I would like to have sub folders/projects like

  • Posters
  • Mobile Apps
  • Intranet Designs
  • Website Designs

Is this possible?


Hello, Corey. Yes, this is possible. At your Team Page, you’ll see a CTA button with “+ Project”. There, you can create a project (in this case, a folder), where you can organize all your files, by “projects”.

I hope this helps.

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This is such a weird way to organize. Can I have projects within projects? I would like for it to work like folders where I can have projects inside projects:

Hospital>Print Designs>Flyers>Christmas2023

I can’t see how to do sub-projects

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Hi Corey_Anders, thank you for your feedback! Not at this moment, we can’t create sub-projects.
For instance with Professional plan, you can have one main team and several Projects (aka folders) as you want within that one team. You can then put however many files as you want within a Project (but not sub-projects).

Still, others in the community have requested something similar, feel free to vote up and share your feedback here:

But I can’t have sub-projects correct? I’m thinking this is why people save their projects to their desktops so they can organize them in folders on their desktop.

Yes, I confirm at the moment, you can’t have the sub-project. We’ll pass it along to our team for consideration.


Hello @Celine_Figma What was the outcome of your request for sub-projects?

My team and I are saving documents from Whimsical into Figma. We would like to know how we can keep the same folder structure for our files and import them in, but we saw that there is no folder creation functionality where we can store our files. Is this an item that has been addressed by Figma’s team?