Option to hide the right panel

Figma currently offers a keyboard shortcut to hide the layers panel (CMD + SHIFT + ) or all UI (CMD + ) but no keyboard support to hide the right panel (Design, Prototype, Inspect)
For me the layers panel can often be more important to retain that the right panel.
Anyone else want this feature?


From my perspective, having the option hide both sidebars and enter a “Full View” for the page and its elements would be helpful.

The “Full View”, with no sidebars, option would enable having to look at the page layout to see all the location of elements, including the outlines for elements that were added and not intended as part of the design.


Do you mean hide UI?



Hello Gleb!

The “Show/Hide UI” shortcut is an appropriate solution for me.

I can see full screen width view of the canvas without the sidebars.

I have to ensure I set the page zoom before removing the sidebars.

Thank you.

Maybe you can hit N and Shift N if you want to navigate between frames.

The best solution to that is "Crtl +\ " for windows, it will hide both your left and right panels :slightly_smiling_face:


This option would be great @DNLBTLR. I just shared an other suggestion about Show/hide UI command. Maybe it’s helpful for you too. Suggestion: Hide UI without hiding share button and avatars

U are Hero!!

+1 to hide right UI, show left UI


+1 to hide right UI, show left UI