Suggestion: Hide UI without hiding share button and avatars

When i am in a meeting, if i am on a small screen i need to hide the UI (Show / Hide Ui command). However, this option also hides the tool bar at the top with the share buttons and avatars. But these buttons, while in a meeting, are very useful because:

  • by pressing the avatar I can follow the client as they talk through design
  • with the share button I can share the document to the last person who joined late.

would anyone else like this feature?


YES. This would be incredibly useful for when my design team does reviews. We follow the lead designer around as they present their work, but often pan/zoom elsewhere to leave a comment, zoom out to see the overall context, or jump back to look at a previous screen. None of those diversions require the full set of tools.

I wish it was as easy to resume following someone as it is to stop following them.

Today, to resume following the presenter, I have to:

  1. Cmd + \ to show UI
  2. Click the tiny dropdown to show all the avatars, because only 3 are shown at a time (and when you’re on a larger team, the odds of the avatar you want getting shown at the top level are slim to none)
  3. Click the avatar of the person presenting
  4. Cmd + \ to hide the UI

Maybe you could:

  • Have a “resume following” button that appears contextually?
  • Or a keyboard shortcut to resume following?
  • Or a keyboard shortcut to start following anyone, and another to cycle through who I’m following?
  • Or if I have the screen width, show more than 3 avatars at the top level?
  • Or if I have the screen width, in presentation mode show the avatars in a container in the tab bar?
  • Or have a “presentation viewing” mode, similar to what OP described?

FYI- the meeting audio & video happens in google meet, and all the designers have figma open.

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