"Open & Swap Overlay" Z-index feature

There are times when you want to trigger an overlay, but want it to open below an element.
For example, I have a fixed nav that should be above all elements. Upon clicking an icon inside that fixed nav, I want a menu to slide down BELOW the nav.

With the current prototyping logic, the menu will slide down ABOVE the fixed nav. This cannot be solved without having to duplicate an entire screen, then use “Navigate to” function.

Can we have a simple feature on “Open Overlay” to open the item either “Above the trigger” or “Below the trigger”?

I know the way this is built, we’re adding a frame on top of the existing frame and it is probably pretty tricky to read all the layers & inject the new frame in a certain place within the layer order. But I imagine this would save a lot of headache for some people.

Otherwise, if we can implement “multi-state on single element” logic like XD, none of this would be an issue.

If you know a fix for this, please comment below!

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I know it’s not the same, but there’s a discussion about implementing z-index on Figma and maybe you can share your use case there and vote on the feature-request:

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That is a great idea… Since we have the absolute position, they could add also “Fixed” and z-index… it would be great.