Open overlay not working on interactive components instance

I have a small component with an overlay interaction, this component is inside another bigger component, and then a use this as an instance in my prototype.

If I try to put the small component directly on the prototype instead, the overlay starts working.

I think is expected for the overlays to work even if they’re a nested instance inside another component instance.

(Btw, great work guys, love this feature!!!)


Figma this worked using nested components and overlay instances

It also is buggy the other way around. Having a simple interactive component (e.g. checkbox) on a frame that’s shown as an overlay do not allow interactivity yet.

These topics also mentions that interactive components do not work together nicely with overlays: Interactive Components / Variants on Overlays
Interactive Component not working in overlay - #2 by Nate_Green

Did not seem to be fixed with the official release of interactive components. Hope improvements on variants/interactive/overlays will get deployed soon!


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