On Drag not working properly when prototyping

I’m trying to create a simple carousel, where I drag the image and both image and indicator change. The thing is that the drag is not working; I can see that the interaction was created because the blue box appears, but I can’t drag. Sometimes, after numerous tries, it works. I think this is a bug.


Yes, I find the drag behaviour on interactions very un-reliable too. Most of the time it does not work, occasionally it does. Would be great if this could be improved, as can be very useful for prototypes.


I have also had the same experience. I used a few examples from YT to create a draggable payment card management prototype. But the experience is inconsistent.

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+1. This needs to work!

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For me is not working on mobile devices… really annoying, I had a presentation with a client and preview works, but when you try to mirror it or access it through the phone… drag doesn’t work… @Support_Team @Figma_Support