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I am using Figma from almost 2 years. It’s a great tool. Previously I was using Windows 10 yet recently switched to Linux(Ubuntu). Figma doesn’t have any official release for Linux. There are some Unofficial desktop versions but they are “BUGGY”. I request you guys to release an official Figma desktop app for Linux.


The same situation here (but Linux Mint) and I confirm that official desktop app for Linux is strongly necessary.


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Why isn’t this a serious thing for Figma team when there are huge number of figma users on Linux for sure? The web version lacks some features and thanks to the maintainers of the unofficial figma for linux but that still lags and stays behind in terms of features and updates.


I twitted the issue, and got a response here is the answer from figma and This is the thread.

Of course its not a priority…because there are no designers on linux /s

I am a Software Developer - Full Stack Developer and Designer and i am using Linux as my main Operating system. I want to use Figma but there is no official software from Figma for linux and i have to use Figma-web. Please launch the Linux version of Figma.


same here, now they are under Adobe, I don’t think we will have anything! I will move to some open source

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Yeah… Figma Should give it high priority… Figma is a tool thats only not for designers… a huge amount of developer also use it… and also there is dev mode in Figma… So Why they are not thinking about that person ?
or Figma Doesn’t care about thats people ?


They’re not, the aquisition didn’t come through. We have hope!

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Why is this not more upvoted? Many Figma users are devs who use linux and they can’t touch text areas because Figma has no official font agent. I do UI and front-end and I frequently switch between ubuntu - windows to change a typo for clients.


I’d guess that majority of the users are on macOS and Windows. So investing into Linux desktop agent isn’t really worth it. C’est la vie

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You are not wrong but because Figma doesn’t have any Linux version yet that’s why no Linux user is actually using it that much.

I am stuck on Windows just because of Figma. I like Linux way more than MacOS or Windows. If they can just drop the font support for Linux I will be happy to use it in the browser even.

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at least make a Font Helper linux version!

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Hey All, thanks for the feedback and sorry for the frustration!

We hear you and will continue to pass along your feedback to the team for consideration, which is why we’ve reopened this feature request topic a couple of times now. Be sure to vote up top! :point_up:

Our teams use votes to prioritize and gauge overall interest from the community.