Not able to publish colors variables in Figma

I made my color variables for the system but They didn’t appear in the library so I be able to publish

it, any help Ask the community

@nada_elghazaly first, apologies if I misunderstood your message, but if I do understand correctly:

while published components are available to use from the Assets panel within your working file, you’ll find styles within the color picker itself. See instructions below.

  1. Select the object(s) you’d like to apply a style to.
  2. In the right side bar, click the style icon next to the property you want to update.
  3. In the styles menu, you will see your local styles and any styles shared via the team library. Figma orders styles in the style panel accordingly:
  • Alphabetically by team name
  • Alphabetically by file name
  • Individual styles appear in the order they were created. Learn about grouping and reordering styles.

For more instruction, see our full guide: Apply styles to layers and objects

If I didn’t answer your question correctly, let me know.