New variants and disabled button for different versions

I a pretty new to the new way of building variants and I came across a problem which, I am sure, might be easy to solve but… I hit the wall.

I am preparing different versions of buttons: outlined, light and dark. With the use of Boolean I can remove one or both of the icons.

Problem: I need to create disabled variant of the button for each version of the button I created. Is there a way to do it with e.g. boolean? I couldn’t figure it out on my own.
Can you help, please as for now I have created a different component set, but I feel this is not the way to go.

Remove the unused “Disabled” property in your component set. Move variants from one component set to another. Then rename your variants to something like this:

Variant=Outline, Disabled=False
Variant=Outline, Disabled=True
Variant=Light, Disabled=False
Variant=Light, Disabled=True