New UI: Improving Active Tab Visibility

I love the new UI3! However, finding the active tab is a bit challenging. The active tab is only distinguished by a blue icon instead of a grey one, and the text is black instead of dark grey. Could you consider making the icon filled or coloring the entire tab blue to improve visibility?

Along the same lines, it’d be great if you could increase the contrast on Light Mode tabs too. Previously I think it was white text on black tabs, which made it really easy to find and switch between open files (important when you’re working with different teams in the same day), whereas the grey on grey now makes it harder to scan.

It might be a bit easier on the eyes, but I find myself putting in more effort to (a) locate the tab bar even though it’s in the same place, and (b) find the right tab.

See this Reddit thread as well: Reddit - Dive into anything

Yes, please make the difference between active and inactive tabs more noticeable.

Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto the UI3 team for future consideration.

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