Resolved: Overrides not preserved when library is pushed

Hi there,

I have a Design Library file in which I use to make changes to the master. I then push these to my Project file.

I have never experienced issues before with pushing out changes to the project file, overrides have been preserved. However, today I am experiencing an issue where my overrides in the Project file are being wiped upon updating the library.

Example steps:

  • Library has an ‘icon’ component with lots of different icons as variants. These are all coloured red in the library file (original component definition)
  • I’ve used many icons in the Project file where. I’ve overridden the colour of the icon
  • I added a new icon variant within this component in the Library file
  • Published the change
  • Updated the library in the Project file

Expected result (and previous behaviour):

  • All icons remain in their selected colours in the Project file, but I can optionally switch the variant to the added icon

Actual result:

  • Upon updating the library, all icons in my Project file have reverted to red colouring (have lost my colour overrides)

Other overrides have been lost too, but have used the above as an example.

Can you please advise what’s happening here and if there are any workarounds? Unfortunately it’s not going to be manageable for me to redo every override that I’ve made after each push.



ah, same as me. :sob:


Getting this same issue and opened a ticket with support.

Essentially any change I’m pushing is resetting the text overrides of that component which is causing massive issues.


Hello, I have been experiencing this same problem. Are you using the Variants feature? If you use the Variants feature, such a problem is occurring and the problem does not occur when you do not use that feature.


I am having the same issue. Try to create a complex Variants component for the whole day, but when I try to use the Variants component on other screens, the text override lose every time I update the parent component.

Figma team. PLEASE FIX IT. It’s wasting a lot of our time.


Same here. I originally thought this was an issue with updating a font, but now realizing its any change on components wipes out all text overrides.

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Just did a simple test and it appears to be with variants.


  • Create new component “Button” in library. Push updates.
  • Pull updates from library, apply text overrides to “Button” in main design file.
  • Create another “Button” component in library, combine both “Button” components into variant group. Push updates.
  • Pull updates from library, and text overrides have been reset, which isn’t typical behavior.
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Running into an issue where changing the font in our Figma library resets text overrides in all components within our main file after pulling the update. Is this a bug? Are there any plugins or ideas for updating a font and retaining text overrides in components?


I have the same matter. not only text, but also override images too. :face_vomiting:


Similar issue happening to me with any update to a component causing text overrides to be reset.


Interesting, I’m now seeing the same issue on any updates…

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Same issue I have :exploding_head:


Same here. Spent the whole night on this. Thought it’s my problem


Related thread, same issue: Overrides not preserved when library is pushed - #8 by J-S

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Same issue here :upside_down_face:

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Also running into this issue


same… issue here🙋‍♂️

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Similar issues here…

It seems like I can’t even edit the colors of icons in my library.


Same here. Just made an update to 1 variant and after the push all variants were reset to the original status.


Same here, modification of any variant or adding a new variant in a library, resets all instances of a component in file to default.

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