Nested-List component don't update overwritten labels - Prototype bug

We have built a navigation in which different lists of menu items open.

Accordingly, we have a Navigation Component in which a nested Accordion component resides and in the Accordion is a nested List component where you can overwrite the labels of each listitem.

Short overview:


List with labels (overwritten)

When we open the Accordion in the prototype, the initial labels are always displayed. But we need the overwritten labels so that depending on the list different menu items are displayed

To solve the problem I thought we just build a List Component where you don’t overwrite the labels but have 3x different lists with the correct labels so you don’t have to overwrite them.

This worked for a short time but when I changed the colors on another component it didn’t work anymore. Even when I reverted my file via history at the time where it originally worked it now doesn’t work anymore and I can’t get it back into a working state.

Is this a known bug?

Hey Björn, could you share a copy of your file with me so I can have a better understanding?

Its a huge design-system file. But give me some time to rebuild the problem in a new draft.

Here is a link to a copied draft:

I made some comments to help you understand the structure of the components and the problem.

I remember Figma can deal with using layers only where i need them and does not need those hacky ways to work with hidden layers. But maybe im wrong.

How can i add a hidden list if i have the need that the list will take the space they need if in show it?

Should i place the hidden list ‚absolute‘ and change it to ‘relative‘ if the list should expand?

Thanks for the tip - i implement your “solution” in my main file and it works. Thanks but i hope in the future we does not need hidden layers to make this possible.