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Negative values in Auto Layout

Sometimes elements overlap. And that’s ok. Please let us have negative values in auto layout. This includes negative values for padding and spacing between elements.


I think I saw Rogie do this in a demo, there’s an option in the auto layout that’s called “packed” or something like that. If you change it from the default you can get the effect you’re looking for.

Agreed that it’s not intuitive and could be easier for things you want to overlap. My most common use case is table rows with borders. I want them to overlap so the borders aren’t doubled up.

(I’m on my phone right now so can’t check exactly how it works.)

Yes, as @Richard_Doyle said, the option that you’re looking for is ‘Spaced between’, that will distribute all your avatar evenly. But if you shrink your group all the avatars will start to overlap.

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Yeah, I’m aware of the hack. That’s how I’m doing it in my screenshot. It’s limited though and not very precise. If you were to build it with CSS you would totally have to guess on the negative value. Figma is probably blocking negative values so it doesn’t mess up the layer hierarchy which is already a mess.

ahhaha :heart_eyes: This is the exact post I wanted to post but forgot. I have mailed Figma support a couple times about this, they had negative padding when auto-layour v3 initially rolled out, I even had one or two components with independent negative padding values, at the time although you can’t type negative values directly but you can option drag, I am just regret I didn’t make hundreds of them from -1 to -999 so I can just copy paste them and use everywhere. Please have this feature back, if it was caused by a bug we need to have this bug :nerd_face:

It’s just my request, hope everyone also need this. Instead create multiple variant to move object inside the component frame, such as scrolling tab nav while last item (outside the frame) nav is active, i only need the auto layout padding accept the negative value so it could move object inside move outside the frame. just like the indentation but in opposite way :3

I was just hoping for something like this when trying to deal with text objects arranged vertically. I don’t want to uniformly change the text style but I also don’t want the same spacing in this one auto-layout object. I’d need negative space between to achieve this.