Negative padding values

Opening this yet again since Launched: Negative padding values in Auto Layout was marked as “launched” but it definitely is not.

For a design layout in which most content fits alongside a specified gutter, but only a few objects bleed into the gutter, negative padding is the only convenient way to do it. If you have 20 items alonside the gutter, and two items that bleed into the gutter, currently the only way is to frame all 20 fitted items and add a padding to the frame, as opposed to applying negative padding to the 2 items that bleed.

Why was the previous thread(s) marked as launched?

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@woodywoodsta thanks for reviving this. Still missing having negative padding values on a daily basis. Agreed that it’s still misleading that they marked “Negative padding values” as launched, when all they did was add negative values between objects. I stand by that we still need negative padding values.+100 on this one.

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