NEED HELP: Pen tool is automatically curving lines

Hello people. I’m a newbie in Figma. Recently I’ve been trying to make icons and successfully made some. I was trying to draw a polygon with sharp corner, but the pen tool was automatically curing the corner. I want the corners to be sharped as its a polygon. Previously I made shapes and it was all okay but recently its just curving everything that im trying to connect.

Attached is an example. On the left I created a shape thats sharp and how i want it to be. But on the right im failing to recreate and exact shape as the pen tool is curving the corners.

Is there no one to help

It looks like you may have a corner radius of 6px enabled for that vector. It may have been set when you drew the shape with the pen tool. You can read more here about corner radius.

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Hello there, thanks for your response. The problem has been fixed. I dont know how it stayed 6 I restarted the application still it stayed 6 but now its fixed. Thanks again buddy.