My prototype is not rendering exactly as my design is shown

My design does not match what I see in the screen of the prototype. Something keeps going wrong but can’t find what.

It seems like he is mixing up the properties of the buttons when displaying in the prototype. Different sizes or colors are then shown. Is this a bug?

Does this look familiar to anyone?

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Hey there, could you please make a quick video of the issue you’re running into so we can get a closer look?

Can you confirm if the miniature preview displays the exact same as (matches) the Edit window and it’s only the full preview window that displays the anomaly?

I am experiencing the same issue in both the mini preview and full preview.

The full preview does render correctly at first, but if I switch the variable mode it breaks until I relaunch the full preview.

I can fix the mini preview if I go adjust all my input field properties to hug and back to fill. But it breaks if I switch variable modes, and stays broken until adjusting the field properties from hug and back to fill. I am applying a min width with fill in an autolayout frame.

@Matthew_Galley2 Are you able to share a copy of your prototype with support via email? I’m unable to replicate with info/files provided via the forum [privacy and security of your files].

Our tech quality team can take a look to see where things are breaking if you submit a ticket:

@ksn I submitted a bug using the link in your message. I provided a link with editor access to the file in the description and the url input fields on the form. Thanks.