Multiple high res image library

Hello all,

I am creating a library where there will be almost 200-300 images. These images need to be high res as we will be working and exporting based from this library.

I did search on importing high res images through out this forum. There are major two recommendations 1. Use plug in 2.importing in smaller size (250x250px)

My questions are

  1. What happens when you input high res images to create library?
  2. How does Figma handle it?
  3. Is there size limit to input as a library asset?
  4. If there is size limit and it is small, when exported can image be still exported as high res?

Would be wonderful to get some support in this.

Thank you


I’ve been working with ultra high res images, they do get scaled down till 4K. If your application is below that then I dont think there might be any problem but if its higher then I’d recommend using something like CorelDraw, Illustrator, Designer which can handle such stuff.

As far as the quantity goes, I’ve a file which has more than 2k of these images and yes the file take time to load, but there is no such cap on file sizes yet.

Hope this answers you question.

Hello Sagar

Thanks for replying to questions. This gives me some background information to work on. Is there any size that you use to set the image? to be consistence?

I used to frame the images instead of changing the sizes of the images to maintain consistency since cropping is manual process and I didnt have the willpower to do that.