Multiple Flows Should Have Different Device Frames

Dear Figma, Please add a PLUS Button to the Prototype-device. So that we can set this in multiple layouts on a single page.

Adobe XD has this from the beginning. Why are we waiting? Otherwise every time we have to create multiple pages unnecessarily.

Please. :pray:


Yes, +1!!! I design mobile and desktop screens side by side so this would be incredible

Harumph. You can add all the device-specific frames you want but only play a prototype in one? Man… I really hate to say it, but for solo responsive web design projects, XD is looking better and better. This triples the work of showing clients working mockups, and it’s totally counterintuitive.

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I’m so shocked this isn’t a feature! Bummer.

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idem. That right! TK.!! :heart:

It’s a surprise that this has been on for so long. I just started learning design just last month as a developer, and I figure this feature is really a huge one to have as a designer, then I landed on this page!

Please @Figma_Support do something!


I sure could use Chromebook devices.

Adding my voice here to note that this would useful for me too. I am splitting conceptually similar prototypes into separate pages in order to have different device frames. Not something I wanted to do.


I would greatly appreciate this feature, too :kissing_heart:


This functionality needs to be available to take on any responsive design work sent client side. For all of the innovation found in Figma, I am shocked that this is still not an option for designers.

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that is a completely different feature…

Coming back here one year later to see that it is still not possible to have different device for different flows… I received a notification indicating this functionality was Completed by the Figma team?!

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Yes please! I’ve been wanting this feature for a while with no good alternatives around it.

It is?! Is it launched? I don’t see the feature yet

How about now?

Desperately waiting for the feature. It’s a must for responsive design.

We need this feature asap!

This feature would be so helpful ! I hope it arrives soon :pray:

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We are waiting Figma!!! :frowning:

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Not sure if there are any figma employees in this forum but I want to push this feature request further just so it doesn’t fall into oblivion.

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