Move a page from one Figma file to another

Wow, June 2024 here still needing this badly. I don’t even care about the comments / prototype stitching just want to easily copy/duplicate a page into another file.


This is such a basic feature. I’m aware that making it might be challenging, but still, for big projects this is a must-have, and I’m seriously considering migrating to another tool for this

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+1 Posting in July 2024 and looking for this solution! Getting heavy into design work, and could really use the ability to move entire pages to new or pre-existing design files. It would help a ton with organization and workflow!

The copying of components, prototype flows, comments, etc would be an amazing plus. :slight_smile:

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Does anyone from Figma read these? I would also like to reorganize pages.

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This actually really easy if you set up your Figma properly like they designed it. Every element should be tied to a frame. If you have all the elements organized to a frame then you simply copy and paste the frames from one file to the next. I
do it everyday for multiple website and print design projects where I want to start a new project from the design I did for another client OR I also do this when I want to share access to select people (like a file for just the client vs a working Figma file for my freelancers).

Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure all your elements are organized into their frames (Figma uses the # symbol in the layers ribbon to signify a frame) like Figma was designed. Think of these as layers in Photoshop. Everything needs to be nicely organized and tied to a frame.
  2. Create a new Figma file by going to the Figma Icon in the top left → File → New Design File. This will open a new tab as a blank Figma File
  3. Go back to the original file and select some or all of the Frames you want to copy. Highlight them via cmmd + click (mac) or ctrl + click (pc). Right click to copy or cmmd + c (mac) or ctrl + c (pc)
  4. Go to the new file. Click anywhere and paste by right clicking to paste or cmmd + p (mac) or ctrl + p (pc)
  5. You have all the elements in the same frames and locations in the new file exactly as the previous

Important to note - You cannot do this for pages. However, it takes 2 additional seconds. Simply create all the pages in the new Figma file like you have in the original file and follow the same steps above by copying and pasting each frame per page you want to duplicate over. If you have everything grouped per frame it will only take you another 2 seconds to do this per page.

Moral of the story - keep your designs organized like Figma (and Adobe) want you to. All design elements should be properly organized in frames then in groups and labeled to make your life easy. This also helps when people need to quickly edit your designs.

I have found this does not copy over the prototype setting nor comments. As seen from previous discussions in this thread. That would be very tricky for the developers to do as it requires complex security settings.