Mouse enter animation

i dont know exactly my problem my mouse enter animation not working properly anyone can help me

Hey there! Can you clarify what you intend to do?
The mouse enter works on my end. See below the video recording (I have deleted a text paragraph to better visualise the animation, as your two frames are identical).

For more information on these triggers, you can check our guide: here Hope this helps!

my goal is when scroll on the page to bottom then active back menu on the top page should appear but its not working properly.

i mean mouse enter on the bottom of the page or scroll on the bottom of the page then active a back menu sticky on the top of the screen. but its not working properly. you can help me from this issue you can give a guide for this problem.

Thank you for the detail! I am not sure to understand well. In order to double check what you intend to do, do you mean that when you are scrolling until the bottom of the page (Frame “iPhone 13 & 14 - 2’), you’d like to be redirect automatically to the top of the page (Frame 'iPhone 13 & 14 - 6”) with a mouse enter trigger? If so, when you use “mouse enter”, it should redirect automatically to the top of the frame you have set.

Please check the video below:

The interaction I set:

I also add an “on click” interaction to your bar menu. When user clicks on the bar menu, it will go back to the first frame ‘iPhone 13 & 14 - 2’.

Let me know if I may miss something. I will also pass the mic to the community, as others may have additional insights to share!

my problem not solved please check my prototype . now my problem is mouse leave animation is not working. i have back button one back button on the top of the page but when page scrolling to down or mouse enter bottom section of the pages active next frame (frame 3) i grouped items then i created mouse enter and leave animations. when mouse enter that group active next frame and when mouse leave from that group active 2 frame that is my goal but that animation not working now only working mouse enter animation. Mouse leave animation not working you can check my prototype file.

Hey there,
This is an expected behaviour. As you set up “mouse leave” from frame 3 to frame 2, this is expected that when you move the mouse out of the frame, it will be back to the frame 2. Can you confirm it is what you intend to do?

Please check my reproduction below:

From 0:04 seconds: