Missing data for new features

Hi All. So I am a developer on a plugin that uses the REST API and am trying to utilise some of the recently added layout features… but some of them appear to have been left out of the REST API.

The new canvas stacking options is there - it shows up as “itemReverseZIndex”.

But the feature to switch between “strokes included” and “strokes excluded” for positioning calculations doesn’t seem to be. Am I missing something?

The other one is individual stroke settings. I don’t see any changes; only a single set of stroke properties is coming through. Worse, it seems to only send a weight for when all sides are set. If you change to different border settings for each side with different weights, the weight is stuck at the original value. Any ideas?

Not left out — just not added yet. Plugins API isn’t updated yet either.

Thankyou Gleb, that’s good to know. Is there somewhere I can track the progress/release of the APIs?

Oh sorry I just found out AL data is actually available in the Plugins API but not documented and/or announced anywhere.

So the REST API is definitely lagging behind. And not sure where you can follow the updates. The REST API seems pretty much dead in terms of updates and there seems to be zero attention given to it by the Figma team.