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Merged branch changes are not applied to main file

Hey everone!

We had this two times today already, so I wanted to file a report about it.

We created a branch in our library.
We did changes in this branch.
We successfully merged the branch back to our library.
But the changes didn’t make it into the main file.

When we use the history function we can a) see, that a branch was merged and b) see that the changes didn’t make it to main. As soon as we jump into the branch that was merged, we can see the changes.

I am working on version 101.6. Happy to let you in the file if it helps.

Thanks a lot and have a great day!

Hi! Can you DM me a link to the branch file, and share the main file with “”? That will enable us to debug.


Hi I’m having this exact issue across multiple files and projects. Same workflow and same working version. Would love some tips on how to prevent or reduce the occurrence of this bug. Thanks!