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Hey everyone,

My partner is experiencing high memory usage issues, which we initially didn’t think was strange. Until we opened the same file and saw completely different numbers. We run the same versions of Figma and Chrome, the only differences between our Macs are the following:

  • I’m running Monterey 12.3, she’s running Ventura 13.2.1.
  • I have a M1 16" Max and she has a M1 16" Pro

My stats:
File layers: 62108
Total memory usage: 0.11G
Figma version: 116.6.3
Chrome version: 110.0.5481.177

Her stats:
File layers: 62200
Total memory usage: 0.56G
Figma version: 116.6.3
Chrome version: 110.0.5481.177

Is it simply the device specs and/or OS versions or is there any other reason for this?

My colleagues also ran into memory-usage warnings, while I did not receive any on my M1 Max.

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I suspect that the difference is in what is cached on your machines. Maybe @Gleb could shed some more light on the technical aspects at play here?

I’ve experience the exact same thing as you in the past: colleague and I were getting very different layer count and memory usage numbers. At the time it didn’t make sense and I just thought Figma’s technology was unreliable… but more recently I helped someone get their file memory back to safety and noticed something: when I first loaded their file, the memory usage was super low… here’s what happened:

  1. They posted in the community forum asking for help
  2. After some back and forth troubleshooting that didn’t help, I offered to look at their file to investigate more closely
  3. They sent me view access. when I opened the file I landed on the first page in the page list, which only had the file’s thumbnail frame.
  4. I immediately turned on resource use, and the numbers were very low, which confused me.
  5. I navigated to the next page in the list, and saw the numbers jump up. This happened every time I loaded a new page. The file crashed before I could see all the pages.

:point_up: This is what makes me think you and your colleague maybe have different amounts of information cached on your machines, resulting in different numbers. I don’t have much of a technical background, so take this with a grain of salt. But that’s my hunch! If this checks out, Figma has instructions for how to clear your cache. But be careful, if you have unsynced edits this will erase them.

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