Makes it possible to select Mode for the target variable

Hello everyone,

With exciting new features, I try to create a new boolean way to show/hide elements with a simple click.

I successed to do it with an only one element :

  • Button click : show dropdown list
  • Button click : hide dropdown list.


Now I need to step up with an another concept :

  • Button click : hide placeholder & show selected products

To avoid using 2 boolean variables, I tried to do it with “Mode”.
So I created a new boolean variable “selection_enable” to true for my “Basic Mode” (show an empty cart) and to false for my “Event mode” (hide my cart’s selection).

My goal :

  • if “selection_enable:Basic” == true : set false to my “selection_enable:Basic”, set true to my “selection_enable:Event”
  • Else : set true to my “selection_enable:Basic”, set false to my “selection_enable:Event”

Problem :
When I use conditional feature on Prototype and I select “Set variable”, I can’t choose the variable’s mode for the first selection, only for the second part “to”.


I understand that’s a behavior to set to the main variable the mode value, but if we can use it like I need (and not use 2 variables which means add 2 conditionals etc…), I’m pretty sure we will be able to make another wonderful things.

I hope my explication is clear, thank you to anyone who will take the time to read and help me, maybe I missed something inside the software and maybe you have a solution for me :heart_eyes: .

Up !

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello! My suggestion is to make it possible to include a Mode of a variable in the target field for a “Set variable” interaction.

I have a string variable with different modes. I want to be able to use the “Set variable” to change the value of the variable for all of its modes (in my case I want to make all modes values as empty strings “”).
It’s not possible to include a mode when choosing a variable as the target value. Therefore it’s only possible to change the value of the first mode as its the “Auto”, but there is no way to change the value of the other modes.

What I miss is to be able to select the variable and one of its modes as the Target variable in the “Set variable interaction”.
I can only choose a mode in the “to”-field below. So I want the Target-field to work as the to-field when it comes to choosing a variable.

In the image below, you see in (1) that there is no Mode together with the variable called txt-Input. In (2) you see that it is possible to include a mode (called “First Name”) in the “to”-field.

I have similar use case (to change displayed value in component instance based on assigned mode).

It seems that in interactions it’s not possible to get reference for other modes than first one.

We are forced to create variables for each component instance :frowning: This workaround makes mess in variable panel…

+1 I have a similar need. In my case, I have a button that “bulk updates” multiple cards. Each card is linked to a mode. I’m stuck right now as I can’t change all modes with a single click.

Hi there, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and use cases involving mode values in expressions. I understand that selecting the variable’s mode for the initial selection is crucial for your scenario.

Upon testing on my end, it appears that the variable mode for the initial selection aligns with the mode selected by “Change variable mode” or default on the left-most mode column.

I searched our community and came across similar feedback here: Makes it possible to select Mode for the target variable

We can merge this topic with the post above. This will assist us in planning for future updates, and community members can vote on your suggestion. Please let us know if you agree with this!

I look forward to hearing from you soon. If I made any mistakes, please feel free to correct me.
And if any members of our community have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot for your answer @Junko3, I’m pretty young in this forum so can you tell me how this post could be merged with the other and how can we vote for this feature please?

Hey @NicolasS, sorry for the delayed reply!

Junko has been out of the office, but I’ve merged the two topics together for you. Feel free to vote up top! :point_up:

We’ll pass this feedback onto our team for future consideration.

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