Makes it possible to select Mode for the target variable

Hello! My suggestion is to make it possible to include a Mode of a variable in the target field for a “Set variable” interaction.

I have a string variable with different modes. I want to be able to use the “Set variable” to change the value of the variable for all of its modes (in my case I want to make all modes values as empty strings “”).
It’s not possible to include a mode when choosing a variable as the target value. Therefore it’s only possible to change the value of the first mode as its the “Auto”, but there is no way to change the value of the other modes.

What I miss is to be able to select the variable and one of its modes as the Target variable in the “Set variable interaction”.
I can only choose a mode in the “to”-field below. So I want the Target-field to work as the to-field when it comes to choosing a variable.

In the image below, you see in (1) that there is no Mode together with the variable called txt-Input. In (2) you see that it is possible to include a mode (called “First Name”) in the “to”-field.