Make removing a plugin easier

With the plugin updates, it’s been made incredibly difficult to remove a plugin. There used to be a Manage Plugins under the Figma Icon > Plugins, now that’s gone. I think there was a Manage Plugins under the top Plugins actions on Desktop, now that’s gone. And within the plugin/widget icon, my settings keep going to ‘Recents’ which only have a ‘Run’ option.

Only using the plugin/widget icon, then changing the dropdown to ‘Installed’ then the 3-dot kabob menu seems like the only way. And it’s very difficult to find!

Bring back Manage Plugins or Uninstall at a more easily viewed level, like in the Plugins actions or master Figma actions please!

From the Editor
Resources (Shift + I)PluginsInstalled

From the File Browser
Profile menuPlugins

From the Desktop App (Windows)
Additional menuPluginsManage Plugins…

Thanks for tagging the spots where it is @tank666 . I still find from the Editor
Resources (Shift + I)PluginsInstalled and from the File Browser
Profile menuPlugins very un-intuitive, and difficult ways to find it.

@tank666 I’m not sure where “From the Desktop App (Windows)
Additional menuPluginsManage Plugins…” is supposed to be. Is that the Figma icon menu on the desktop app? I don’t see it there on mine (Mac Desktop App)

There used to be an much closer, direct, related option in the top Menu bar > Plugins menu, and Figma icon > Plugins but that’s gone now. I’d propose to bring it back.

Screenshot attached showing expanded menus for Figma icon > Plugins > Installed and Menu bar > Plugins > Installed. Note there’s no manage or uninstall options.

The Additional menu on Windows is located next to the application window control buttons.

I checked this menu and the “Manage Plugins…” item only appears when you are in the File Browser tab. When you are on the file tab, this item is not there.

Thanks @tank666, I checked on Mac and that’s not in the Mac menu structure at all. Not on File Browser tab, or on File tab.

Thanks for checking it, and the screenshot! Looks like Windows app has an edge over Mac app in this one.