Make it possible to move Variable Mode Columns

I happily created a variables collection for my existing dark mode and light mode color style palettes that I had in my Design System.

The thing is, my app is primarily designed in dark mode, but I created the light mode variables first and now I’m stuck with having light mode as the default which is very frustrating. My only option seem to be do just delete and redo the ‘light mode mode’ which I’m not that keen on doing.

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 10.04.45

I wish it was possible to just change the order of my color variable mode columns horizontally using drag and drop, just like how you change order of variant properties vertically.


Hi @Johan_Holst,
I built a plugin to save & reuse variables between your Figma files and it could help you to reorder the modes too
Waiting for Figma to build it natively, it might already help you

Here is the small tutorial and the youtube link (if you need subtitles or video below does not work)

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Hey there Johan.

Check this Post:

This post is relevant to what you have offered. But this one has more votes. I suggest reposting your idea in the other thread and closing this one. Hope they add this feature ASAP.

We need this

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