Ability to reorder Variable Modes

As design systems grow organically, it might be necessary to reorder Variable Modes in the Local variables panel, similarly to how it is possible to reorder variables.


+1 to this. If like in Figma’s deep dive you want to create modes for a component, currently you have to ensure that you set things up correctly at the start. Otherwise if you decide that you need an additional mode later, it may not sit in the right order.

e.g. let’s say you have Medium (Default), Small & Large modes. If you want to add an ‘Extra Small’ mode later, it will end up at the end the list or next to your ‘Large’

  • Medium (Default)
  • Small
  • Large
  • Extra Small

Feels wrong! Please give us reordering and allow us to specify the default :slight_smile:


Agreed, this is massively inconvenient


Yes, we would like this as well. We built out several dozen variables in 2 modes to support our brands, but now realize we would be better served if we also had a grayscale, wireframe-style default mode. The only way to do that is to rebuild the variable table from scratch.

Alternatively, the ability to set a particular mode as the default rather than forcing the first mode to be the default would help.


C’mon… even a simple drag and drop here would be fine! :grin:


Drag and drop FTW! :pinching_hand:


Looking forward to reordering modes, thanks.

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Please consider this, as it significantly benefits large design systems.


that would be really nice, when library grows with time.

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I built a plugin to save & reuse variables between your Figma files and it could help you to reorder the modes too

Waiting for Figma to build it natively, it can already help many

Here is the small tutorial I did and the youtube link (if you need subtitles or video below does not work)


This is seriously needed…


Agree that this is seriously needed!

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Still need this…

What I did was duplicate the different modes until they were in the right order and delete the previous ones. But this feature is indeed needed.

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I did the same but the deleted one still exists as dimmed and it declares still to be the default :melting_face:

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We use the modes a lot - please do implement this feature!

Would love to be able to reorganize modes so I can change the default one. If i want a new default mode now, i have to create my collection all over again.

or do a work around with duplicating modes

definitely needed :heavy_plus_sign:

yes, it is amazing it could enhance the usability of Figma.