Make Exported .PDF Files With Editable Text For Accessibility Purposes

Currently exported .PDFs out of Figma are not accessible, because the text is flattened as images.

I would like to request an option for exported .PDFs to have editable text.

This would be a game changer for our team to move off of Sketch! :smiley: (Sketch allows for .PDFs to export with editable text, but Figma does not)


+1! PDF export in Figma is not great as of now.

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Yeah, I’m really hoping it improves. It works the way I’d like it to in their competitor Sketch, but not Figma. Would be a game changer for them to consider updating it. Finger crossed!

Just exported my resume as PDF in desktop Figma on Mac. All text seem to be regular selectable text. Also hypertext links open as expected.

I’m very interested in hearing how PDFs from Sketch work and how it’s different from an accessibility point of view. I’m no PDF expert, so I can’t really tell the difference between my PDF and a great accessibility approved PDF.

It may appear text is selectable/accessibile… however when you look closer/click edit you’ll see it’s one big image - all vector and can’t be made accessible. :confused: I wrote to Figma about this, they explained to post about it in the forms and continue to look at their release notes if it’s updated. I’m surprised it’s not solved yet.

Hi Hampus here’s for context: -

Also - If you can vote for this idea that would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: They recommended I post here for visibility.

"Hi Diana,

Unfortunately, per our Guide to exports in Figma

  • Figma does not currently support exporting editable text. You will not be able to edit any text in a PDF exported from Figma. You can still select and copy text when viewing the PDF in the browser, or other compatible software."