Make default stroke-position(alignment) compatible with CSS and other web and mobile design defaults (stroke or border outside of the layer path))

Please make the default stroke position outside:

Most of the time designers use strokes to create borders:

Most shapes in Figma got an inside stroke on the layer’s path and if there are lines the stroke is centered.

The default behaviour of web dev and mobile dev (CSS and other libraries) is, default borders are outside.

I am a front-end dev with all sorts of vector design backgrounds and can understand that strokes are centred as the industry standard in Figma or Illustrator or other vector-based apps.

But in CSS the default behaviour of the border is

box-sizing: content-box

in order to achieve the Figma result the developer should implicitly use

box-size: border-box

That’s almost the same in most of the languages, platforms and libraries and leads bugs and complications.

Default stroke behaviour in Figma:

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Thanks for your feedback, @Mehmet_Mutlu!

We’ll pass this along to our team for consideration. Don’t forget to also Vote up top! :point_up: We use votes to prioritize features for future release.

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