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Lock pages

Of course it is easy enough to lock layers but I think that it would be helpful to be able to lock pages in a fashion similar to the layers.

I often place root (master, main, og?) components on a separate page and it would be nice to be able to lock these pages to keep items from moving around without intention.


Agree…today, I almost change UI on the page UI release. Big mistake with me
I want to have function: Lock the Page

@UX_Team and @mcram don’t forget to add your vote to this fantastic suggestion (vote button at the top). :slight_smile:

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This would help so much when I validate prototypes with business. And with coder so they see only the most up the date version. WHY this is already is possible :smiley:

While we are at it, I would like to be able to hide pages from those with “View only” access.

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