Local fonts completely neglected, all of sudden

I recently upgraded my figma desktop. It suddenly showed “missing fonts” window to every component i used any local font.

I reboot, reinstalled all the figma desktop and local font files. This is happening in the Windows dekstop and my Macbook at the same time. I also changed the type of the font file(ttf, otf etc.) but it didn’t change anything.

Does anyone have similar issue? Other teammates are also suffering the same…


I am having the same issue after the update. For a few days, the online version of figma was letting me continue to make edits, but today even the online version won’t recognize fonts I was using this morning in-program. I have tried deleting the figma app and redownloading, deleting the fonts from mac font book and redownloading those, redownloading the figma font installer. Nothing works, and I am stuck unable to do any work in figma. My teammates are slowly losing their text edit capabilities too, so I hope this is fixed soon.

Same here, tried all work arounds…help??

Looks like all my Postscript Type 1 fonts are not recognized by Figma

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Same issue here, using skyfonts, fonts show up on every other program except figma for a week now.

I’ve had similar issues. I am using FontBase for local font management and also using Adobe Creative Cloud for Adobe Fonts synced via cloud.

I have same issue :frowning:

Weekend occurred, ran into the issue this Morning. Tested Opentype OTF + Truetype TTF fonts no issue, seems to be only with PostScript PS fonts. Given it worked 4 days ago and there was no announcement for dropping PS fonts I assume its a bug introduced in the latest update.

Report the issue https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041468234-Submit-a-bug-report

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Hey all, we’re aware of this bug and are working on a fix. Can you try using this beta build to see if it resolves the issue for you? Thanks

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What about win10?

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