Local fonts completely neglected, all of sudden

I recently upgraded my figma desktop. It suddenly showed “missing fonts” window to every component i used any local font.

I reboot, reinstalled all the figma desktop and local font files. This is happening in the Windows dekstop and my Macbook at the same time. I also changed the type of the font file(ttf, otf etc.) but it didn’t change anything.

Does anyone have similar issue? Other teammates are also suffering the same…


I am having the same issue after the update. For a few days, the online version of figma was letting me continue to make edits, but today even the online version won’t recognize fonts I was using this morning in-program. I have tried deleting the figma app and redownloading, deleting the fonts from mac font book and redownloading those, redownloading the figma font installer. Nothing works, and I am stuck unable to do any work in figma. My teammates are slowly losing their text edit capabilities too, so I hope this is fixed soon.


Same here, tried all work arounds…help??

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Looks like all my Postscript Type 1 fonts are not recognized by Figma


Same issue here, using skyfonts, fonts show up on every other program except figma for a week now.

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I’ve had similar issues. I am using FontBase for local font management and also using Adobe Creative Cloud for Adobe Fonts synced via cloud.

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I have same issue :frowning:

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Weekend occurred, ran into the issue this Morning. Tested Opentype OTF + Truetype TTF fonts no issue, seems to be only with PostScript PS fonts. Given it worked 4 days ago and there was no announcement for dropping PS fonts I assume its a bug introduced in the latest update.

Report the issue https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041468234-Submit-a-bug-report


Hey all, we’re aware of this bug and are working on a fix. Can you try using this beta build to see if it resolves the issue for you? Thanks

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What about win10?

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Any progress on this issue? I have Windows 10 and it is still not workinng. It is very frustrating.

I have this problem too :confused: Figma, I’m waiting when you fix the bug because I haven’t comfortable work and it’s very frustrating me

Hi @Josh, the fonts work fine in Figma app (standard update after restart), but they do not work in the web browser. Can you fix the fonts in the web browser? Thx.

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Any solution so far? This same bug is now preventing us from doing good work.

Windows 10, Skyfonts fonts are not showing up in desktop app / web app. In every other program they work…

Please fix this permanently as soon as possible.


Yeah Skyfonts not working at all on Windows 10 latest Figma. Thanks for not providing a windows beta and just mac…

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I found the Windows beta and it doesn’t solve the issue

Heloooooo! @Figma_Support is there anybody out there!? It’s blocking my work. Same issue. IBM Plex Sans and IBM Plex Mono are installed, reinstalled, tabs reloaded, app reinstalled, Figma agent reinstalled and… still “missing fonts” popup shows. Also there are some really strange bugs such as visual duplicates of text content visible in the prototype display.

Hello @Figma_Support!

I did the following

  • Install Font Awesome 6 Desktop Versions
  • Installed Figma Daemon , Figma Font Helper , or Font Service and made sure it is running on my computer’s activity monitor.
  • Figma Browser UI still shows wrong Font Awesome versions.

It seems that Figma Browser is not able to read files locally. Please assist - thank you!

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Wow, it’s been 27days and it is not solved yet…

For those of you who want to know how I evaded(?) this issue…

I tried to go back to older version, but AFAIK Figma doesn’t support downgrade installation files so I searched for old install file in my recycling bin and installed Figma with that.
It worked while I am constantly ignoring the update recommendations.

I didn’t even try that zip file they provided up above because I am worried that it might turn everything back to where I started and cause problem. I am the only person in this small startup and I can’t risk hours or days for this issue.

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I work for an agency and am in the process of implementing figma over the companies pre existing programs. This postscript type issue is making it unusable for some situations which isn’t ideal. Without postscript fonts the company can’t use figma unfortunately.