“Link to selected frame” should be restored to the share dialog

Has the functionality for sharing links to selected frame been removed?

I upgraded to Figma Desktop App version 116.2.4, and now I no longer see the option in the dialog that appears when I select a frame and hit the ‘Share’ button.

I double checked, by creating a new document with a couple of empty frames in, and still no luck.

Does anybody else suffer this issue? If it’s been removed, then it’s a massively frusrating regression – we frequently link to individual frames when working with developers and referencing design features.


Here’s what I now see –

I can still achieve the same by right clicking and navigating to this option – but it’s a painful workflow with no shortcut as far as I can see.

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No, the feature has not been removed. You can still use the “Link to selected frame” checkbox in the Share modal or use a shortcut.

Same here. This option no longer appears in my dialogue either.

In addition, I also no longer see the usual Share modal. Both in Figma’s Desktop App and in the browser, only a fixed dialogue opens below the Share button (on right-hand side in the toolbar) without the option / the checkbox to link to a specific frame.


If you have selected a frame, clicking on the “Copy link” button (or the context menu item of the same name) will copy the link to the frame. You should see a notification at the bottom of the screen.

The option no longer appears in the dialog:

Even when a frame is selected, the ‘Copy Link’ button from that dialog links only to the page, not the selected frame.

As you said, the option is still available in a context menu – but my frustration is more around the option’s removal from the share dialog. Getting to the ‘Copy Link’ option is a bit of a fiddly pain there.

Still, recently the interface of the Share modal has been updated, where the checkbox has disappeared, but the functionality of copying a link to a page or frame remains and works as expected.

I’m sorry, but I can’t confirm this. Watch the video below.

Use a shortcut.

The Figma Desktop App has a shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + L to copy a link to a page or frame.

This is incorrect. When a frame is selected, Cmd/Ctrl + L puts a link to the entire page on the clipboard, not a link to the frame.

Linking directly to a frame is actually extremely important on a daily basis. It should not have been hidden away or made harder to do.

  1. “Link to selected frame” should be restored to the share dialog.
  2. The hotkey would also be great (if it worked). It should link to a frame if selected, or the page if nothing is selected.

Again, I cannot confirm, because on my side the shortcut works as expected, that is, if a frame is selected, then a link to this frame is copied to the clipboard.

Please post your request in the Share an idea category so that anyone can vote for this idea.

Maybe there are actually different versions?
I am using Enterprise from my work, desktop app on a mac.
My Share modal also was updated… including more tabs on top like Myles (Invite, Settings, Embed, Publish to Community), but similarily missing link to frame.
Compare to Tank666’s screenshot, which still shows the old modal (and only the original 2 tabs).

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I am experiencing the same issue on Figma enterprise. This is a massive problem as my team links to individual frames in Jira.


Came here b/c the “Share specific file” checkbox has disappeared from my Share dialog box as well. My company is on a Professional plan and I’m using the Mac desktop app (v. 114.6.1 and OS Monterrey v12.5.1).

I can say that the CMD+L shortcut appears to be working for me when I attach a design to a Jira ticket. Using that shortcut does appear to copy the frame-specific link.

It seems real strange that that checkbox be arbitrarily removed.

The frame copy link doesn’t work anymore for the nested frames. (command+ L) Please bring it back. It’s hard to communicate with the team without it.

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I just want to clarify what I’m talking about. I built standard design titles as Design Thinking Components that are used throughout my company. If there’s a screen or whole flow or a whole page of design, there are large, clear titles that span the scope of what we wish to share.

I want to be able to click on a title (which is a frame, but a component instance), hit Cmd/Ctrl-L and share that link to the title, which doesn’t EVER work because Figma refuses to link to component instances from Cmd/Ctrl L.

This is a bug that causes chronic pain. Fix it please so that it’s as easy to link to a frame, whether or not it’s a component, a component instance, or just a regular frame.

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As a developer I just want to copy link to this stuff from my designer and attach to my Jira task… Sorry :confused: this is awful


This is a bug that causes chronic pain. Fix it please so that it’s as easy to link to a frame, whether or not it’s a component, a component instance, or just a regular frame.

@Bill_Stewart_S I created a new topic for this. Please vote on it: Make it possible to link to components and component instances


I’m experiencing the same problem. This is super critical for me, as I use the Figma integration from Notion, which preview isn’t working as long as I can’t share a frame.

Did anyone find a solution or reason why this happens?

I solved the issue by opening Figma ins SAFARI, it still doesn’t appear in the desktop app (which I reinstalled twice) and not in Google Chrome.

Is there any place I can clear the data for the desktop app in macOS?

When I share a link it doesn’t zoom in to the right frame as it used to, instead it just shows a very thin and hard-to-see line around the frame among all other frames, so it’s pretty much useless. This is a HUGE pain because sharing an exact frame and making it obvious where you’re pointing at is critical to work with other teammates. Please, go back to how it was before!

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I’m experiencing the same issue. The “copy link” link appears at the very top of the dialog (no button at bottom or checkbox for the selected frame) and the link takes my teammates to Figma home (not even the project), which is hugely problematic for referencing specific designs in implementation stories. The “copy dev link” works for files that are marked “ready for dev” but I need to be able to share links to specific designs that aren’t ready for dev.