Make it possible to link to components and component instances

You can only link to frames but not if these frames are a component or component instance. This is painful.

Proposal: Make it possible with right-click and with the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + L to copy a link to a component or component instance.

This issue was also described in this thread by @Bill_Stewart_S :

I built standard design titles as Design Thinking Components that are used throughout my company. If there’s a screen or whole flow or a whole page of design, there are large, clear titles that span the scope of what we wish to share.
I want to be able to click on a title (which is a frame, but a component instance), hit Cmd/Ctrl-L and share that link to the title, which doesn’t EVER work because Figma refuses to link to component instances from Cmd/Ctrl L.
This is a bug that causes chronic pain. Fix it please so that it’s as easy to link to a frame, whether or not it’s a component, a component instance, or just a regular frame.

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