Let me change the anchors of a fixed element to scale left and right

Currently whenever I have a fixed element (such as a header) and I want it to change width with the frame it is contained in, I first have to deselect the “fixed when scrolling” option, change the anchors and then re-enable the fixed option. Before, when that option was still in the design tab, that wasn’t a big issue, however now that the option has been moved to the prototype tab it has gotten quite annoying in my humble opinion:

I would, however, much prefer, if it was possible to do this without having to disable the “fixed-element” option in the first place.

Hey @Arvid , thank you for your feedback!
Please also vote up your idea, so we can gauge the overall interest in the community.

I sadly don’t have any votes anymore to do this … gotta wait till some other ideas are closed I guess :smiley:

Unless of course I’d use my work account but that’d be cheating :stuck_out_tongue:

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