LAUNCHED - Typography Variables (Font size, Font weight and style...)

I’m just a designer, standing in front of this font size, asking it to accept variables.


I was there playing with this new variables thing up until i wanted to set the font size… got me at least half an hour trying to figure out why i couldn’t put variables on the font size… it seemed so obvious and logical…

This is the only piece that I miss to finally get a a responsive Design System easy to maintain. I hope you’ll find soon a way to implement it :heart:

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Come on Figma, please up the priority of this feature. Our design systems are languishing in half states of variable conversion. This is literally the only reason many of our simpler components still have variants.


Would love to see this happen! As our products are platform-native, being able to switch from SF Pro to Segoe UI with a single click would be a huge productivity boost.

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I need this to manage different density themes in a design system.

Please also consider the Font-Family. An Example here: I want a simple theme Switch (From one Brand to another). So I would define Corners-Radius as Numbers (per Brand), Colors, then Font Sizes AND for sure I need the Font Family to be switched via Variables. Thanks in advance, Figma-Family


RE Font sizes for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile I’m all for it!
Noticed this the other day looking for someway to set font sizes across breakpoints: Dynamic fonts in Figma. Responsive design is among the most… | by Roozbeh Monfared | Medium

Come on, Figma team. This is so basic. I had to stop using variables just because of this limitation.


it s a workaround, but it s ok for me :yum:


wow, that’s a great workaround. Thanks for sharing that. But since I am using a Design System, I’d not like to break my design system font structure just to make this happens. I’d prefere to wait until the Figma team launch support for the font variables.

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cant wait , this is going to help a lot :smile:

Crossing fingers for Figma implementing this ASAP! This will be a game-changer in design systems, definitely.

Hopeful this will be released soon! Patiently waiting as well…

Same here, hoping for this as a christmas present… :gift::christmas_tree:

I’m having trouble getting this to work. Is there a more detailed explanation somewhere?

I hope Variables can be applied to font size, I think it is very necessary and effective to be able to switch responsive easily. I think Variables can do more than that. Thank you. Best regards!

Anxiously waiting for this feature.

Want it. In real casy, sorry for critics, but it looks like variables for type size - more necessary than variables for shadows…

Variables for font size and other settings - functionality for making true-responsive design.

Variables for shadows, strokes and other - it’s just a UI upgrade, but not really wow-thing.

Please add this feature!

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Also being able to use calculations would be great fi: you set a base font size variable of let’s say 18 pixels and a scale variable of 1.3. the value of the h6 variable would then be: [baseFontSize] * [modifier], the value of h5: [h6] * [modifier] and so on