LAUNCHED: Add tables to figJam

I m a UX researcher and my colleagues and I really love FigJam. It’s doing almost everything Miro does, except for Grid/table which we heavily use for all sorts of things (user journeys, heatmaps, comparison tables …). We would love it if a similar feature in FigJam was there because it would allow us to centralise design and research whiteboard all in Figma (which means less admin in linking boards and less fees for our team).
A very basic grid tool would do, really just a table that allows to add and align images and texts in cells.


Much needed!


Agreed! Dealbreaker feature gap between FigJam today and Miro.


Simple tables would be great to have to easily create a little more structure on the board.

Agreed, a table would be icing on the cake

:100: for building this feature! Not to use for design, but to better integrate data, analysis, and other findings into our brainstorming.

Example: I’m currently doing a mini audit on competitors, and need to compare basic functionality. A table is the easiest way to display this information. Instead, I will need to create a horizontal group for each row, and hope that the spacing is easy to manage if I add more content in the future.

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Hey All,

There’s a widget available in our community that may help:

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The table widget is great for some uses, but doesn’t really solve my use case. I would like to use either tables or a grid to create more structure on a board for example to create swim lanes in user journeys, create columns for dividing topics in workshops, and least importantly simple stand-up boards.


Hi there! I often draw user flows and UML diagrams while doing my UX research. It would be nice to add tables with customised width, hight and quantities of rows and columns. Or maybe some templates for User flow


My organization doesn’t allow the use of widgets, so an embedded tool would be appreciated.

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This widget does not allow group actions like multi-cell editing. There is no ability to merge cells, and not much you can do from a styling perspective either. Thanks for letting us know it’s there, but it’s not great. Just to save others from the excitement to disappointment rollercoaster I experienced hahaha :wink:

I wouldn’t call this proposed widget a solution, it’s painful to use.

  1. Almost no styling options
  2. No way to do col spans or row spans
  3. No way to reorder content other than copy paste
  4. No individual text formatting on a cell
  5. No individual cell formatting

I could go on, but basically we still need a real table solution here

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Native tables are coming soon to FigJam. Keep for updates!


This is a really important for the PM work I do. Can we get an answer to when this will deploy?

When are the tables coming? :grimacing:


I was about to ask the same… :smiling_face_with_tear:


any update on when?

Hey @jessica.kanwal @Joao_Ferreiro @Kiki_Carr1, we don’t have an exact timeline to provide yet, but stay tuned - it’s coming!


Hey @dvaliao

Exciting to hear that native tables are on the FigJam roadmap - let me know if you need anyone to user test a prototype! Not being able to present information in a table is the biggest pain point I experience using FigJam as a product manager - otherwise it’s my go-to whiteboarding tool!


Thanks, @Sean_Gardner!

We’ll definitely keep you in mind! :wink:

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