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Is there a way to prototype swipe left to delete?

im doing a prototype for a new feature in stitch fix as part of a class project. i’d like to build a prototype where user SWIPE LEFT to delete items and SWIPE RIGHT to add an item. is there a way to do this? :frowning: i need to figure this out in the next week, aaargh.

thks so much anyone out there that has an idea of how to do it if IT IS possible.

As far as I know, no, there is not. The closest thing I could think of would be to use an overlay.

Good luck with your class project!

So when you swipe left or right, do you mean:

a) Swipe and the product tile moves off the screen
b) Swipe and the tile stays in place but shows something new

Both are possible but a) would be quite difficult/challenging to set up if you were going to try and demo all the tiles. If just one or two as an example, maybe a little easier.

b) is definitely doable. If you have access to the interactive components beta, definitely much easier.

LMK if that helps you at all or not.


gotcha! actually just 2 tiles and that they dissappear would be great :+1:

Since it’s just two tiles (and I presume you can choose which two to do) you can use the drag trigger with a magic animation transition to simulate the use case you’re going for. Best of luck!