Is it possible to navigate to specific frame or shape in design mode?

I use figma to create documentation for my game. Something like a knowledge base about different aspects of project. It is very convenient, because I can design, draw layouts and fix my thoughts in one place.

I’ve managed to adapt the navigation system by using links to internal pages. My question: is there any way or plugin to make anchor links for specific frames or maybe even shapes in different pages?

For example: I click link in Page 1, it takes me to Page 2 and focuses my view in a particular location (shape or frame).

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In Design mode, yes, of course, you can copy the link to the frame on any page and paste that link into the text (Ctrl/Cmd + K).
Select a frame, right-click on it, Copy / Paste, Copy link.

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You are the best! Thank you.

Also, wondering if there is a way to “go back” (to the previous page or frame)?
For example, after I click on a link in Page X it takes me to Page 2. And I want to go back to Page X.

Only if you add a backlink. But if the transition to a frame on Page 2 is possible from many pages, then you cannot know which page to backlink to you, because you do not know where exactly the users clicked.
If you were making a prototype, then there is a predefined function “Back”.

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It would be awesome if we could add constraints like that to links. This would be an “If this, then that” situation.