Inconsistent interactions when prototyping

I have been creating variants with states (e.g. button" default, hover, pressed) and then prototyping the states to one another (e.g. default > hover > pressed) and usually they work fine. Upon using the variant in a mockup it becomes a toss up if the state change will work or not. Sometimes is works for a while, but then as I build out my mockup and add other variants that are prototyped, they will stop working. There is no clear reason as it appears random.

This and other issues have surfaced since the latest Figma update.

I’m having the same issue

I’ve had a lot of problems the last week(s) with components inside variants reseting, or not reseting, or losing overrides, or gaining overrides at random, etc in prototypes. I try to refresh the tab etc. which otherwise usually does the trick in Figma, but not with this. I have to re-add the entire component or “Reset all changes” and do all overrides again for it to work. This is super annoying when there are a lot of variants.

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