Import variables

In our design system we have 10 space variables. These can be static or fluid - e.g. you can choose size-S for your padding, or you can choose size-S-L meaning the padding will be size-S on mobile and will fluidly increase up to size-L on desktop.

Because it’s possible to interpolate these in reverse, e.g. size-L-S, there are a total of 90 possible combinations. It would be great if I could import them from a CSV or something, rather than type them by hand.

(We’ve been fine in the past with just the 10 static sizes, but now that modes are a thing, we could put our fluid spaces to work!)

P.S. I’m loving the new features so far! Auto-layout wrap is amazing!

Yes, agreed! We’re already using a token system managed via Token Studio. Keeping Figma’s variables up to date manually would take so much time; An import (ideally - in our case - from JSON) would let us seamlessly bring our tokens in but also help us keep them up to date.

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