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I want to use also use tab-key to navigate trough the layers when select the same instance

I want to add the same interaction (navigate to page) on the same instance that is nested in a component that is used on several frames.


  • Select the component

  • Use option: Select all with the same instance

  • Hit enter to select all layers in the component

  • Use the ‘tab’ key to select the desired instance

  • Add interaction.

I need to this because I make components with several interactive instances in a separate library. And after making a lot of frames. I need to add a link on an interactive instance to one of the frames. Now I have to select all the same instances separate and add the interaction. This is time-consuming and a big possibility that I forget to link an instance.

Maybe some sort of “tab lock” in the given selection?
Regular tab switches siblings within a parent frame, but when selecting multiple layers we could “lock” the tab function to only work on the selected layers

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