How to update the Figma desktop app?

I promise I’m not dumb. What happened is the install pop-up opened but my laptop was freezing so I had to close it and restart a couple of times. Now, the dialog box is nowhere when I open Figma. How do you update the desktop app without uninstalling then reinstalling?

  • I tried looking on google

  • I tried searching on here on the official forum

  • I tried searching on the documentations/help

  • I tried looking inside the desktop app (internal profile, community profile, settings…)

I found none. I’m honestly surprised.


Hey @Alyssa_Maac,

What OS are you using?

If you’re using a Mac with an Apple Silicon (M1) processor, you need to reinstall the Figma desktop app to upgrade to the supported version. Otherwise, the Figma desktop app updates itself to the supported version after May 27, 2021. There’s no way to prompt an update. If you’re unsure if you’re on the latest version, your best option is uninstalling and reinstalling.


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